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What is Will Call?

"Will Call" means instead of having tickets mailed to you, your tickets will be held at the venue for you to pick up on the day of the event.
Where do I pick up the tickets?
At most venues, Will Call is at the front box office window or at the door of the club on the evening of the event. Unless you see a big obvious "Will Call" sign elsewhere, just go up to the door, show your ID, and you're all set.
What do I need to pick up the tickets?
Just a photo ID (driver's license, State ID, school ID) and your order number. Make sure your name is on your CincyTicket Online Account the way it appears on your ID.
Can I have someone other than the credit card holder pick up the tickets I ordered?
Yes. When you place your order, simply make sure the name of the person you want to pick up the tickets is on the BILLING ADDRESS.
Can I designate more than one person who can pick up the tickets?
NO. Each will call order must be held under ONE name. If you wish to make it such that each person can pick up his/her ticket separately, they must be separate orders.
Can I change the name my tickets are held under?
Absolutely! Up until 24 hours before the event, you may change the name on a Will Call order by CONTACTING US. Be sure to include the name you want it changed to and an order number or name on the original order. For security reasons, the request MUST come from the email address associated with the original order.
Do I get a receipt?
Of course. Your receipt is automatically emailed to you when you complete your order. This happens instantly. Make sure you don't accidentally delete it, and check your Spam folder if necessary.
Why is my shipping address on the receipt if the tickets are will call?
If you enter it during checkout, your address may automatically show up on the receipt. Don't worry - they are still will call tickets and won't be shipped to you.
Will I get a physical ticket at the door?
This is up to the event promoter. Some print physical tickets and others just check your name off the list and grant you entry.

How long will it take to get my tickets by mail?
If you select USPS 1st Class Mail, expect to receive your order within 4 to 7 business days. If you select USPS Priority Mail, expect it within 2 to 4 business days.
How do you ship them and how much does it cost?
We use the US Postal Service. 1st Class is only $1.50, and Priority Mail is only $6.95, regardless of how many tickets are in your order.
Where is my receipt?
We do not mail receipts. Your receipt is automatically emailed to you when you complete your order. Make sure you don't accidentally delete it, and check your Spam folder if necessary.
Can I get tickets via overnight delivery? I don't care what it costs!
Sorry. At this time, we are only set up for 1st Class and Priority Mail. If you need tickets in hand right away, visit one of our outlets.
What is the deadline to order tickets by mail?
7 days before an event takes place, the option to order by 1st Class Mail will disappear, and 5 days before an event, the option to order by Priority Mail will disappear. You can still order Will Call or Print@Home (when available).
What if I can't spell my address, don't know it, or feel like giving you one from ten years ago?
We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for incorrect addresses. Ticket sales are non-refundable, so double check it before you submit your order!
What if I lose my tickets?
We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or stolen tickets!
The event is tomorrow, and I still haven't received my tickets by mail. What should I do?
Call us at 1-888-428-7311 for instructions. Have your order confirmation number ready when you call.

How do I receive my Print@Home tickets?
A link to download your PDF Print@Home tickets is included in your confirmation email. You can also access them by logging into your account and clicking "Orders."
Can I print the PDF more than once if I need to?
Yes. You can print them more than once if you need to, but each barcode will only scan as valid once at the gate. If you tried to use a Print@Home ticket (or a photocopy) twice, it would scan as invalid, and venue staff may remove you!
What is Mobile Delivery?
When choosing Mobile Delivery, you access your ticket barcode(s) from your confirmation email on your phone or mobile device, and the venue will scan them right off your phone screen. No paper needed! You may also put a mobile ticket in your Apple Wallet for easy retrieval later.
Why aren't Print@Home and Mobile tickets available for all events?
Availability is at the discretion of the event promoter. Print@Home and Mobile Delivery requires special hardware for validation at the gate, so not all promoters choose to make it available.

Are tickets ever refundable?
NO! NO! Absolutely NO! There are NO refunds!
Surely there are exceptions, right?
Ok, there are exactly two situations where you can get a refund:
1. You accidentally submit your order 8 times and only meant to submit it once. In this event, CONTACT US immediately and we will adjust it for you. This must happen before the event takes place.
2. The ENTIRE EVENT is cancelled. Note that lineups, dates and locations are subject to change. But if the ENTIRE EVENT is cancelled with no reschedule, your purchase will be automatically refunded. Only the ticket price will be refunded - service fees and delivery fees will NOT be refunded. Why? We have to process the order whether the event happens or not. In fact, if we're issuing a refund, we have to process it twice!
So other than these instances, are you saying there are NO refunds?

What are my payment options?
You can pay with a credit card or debit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
Can I pay with Paypal?
Sorry, at this time we do not accept Paypal payments. This is to keep costs down and thus keep service fees low for you.
Why do you charge service fees?
The base price of a ticket does not include the cost of ticketing. The order fee, often called service fee or convenience fee, is how we are able to provide credit card processing, the cost of printing and distributing tickets, processing your order, customer service, tracking and inventory control, ensuring validity and that your ticket won't be oversold, box office software and service, merchant fees, and a secure website.
Is my personal information safe with you?
Of course. CincyTicket and the event promoter for the event you are buying tickets are the only ones who will ever see your info. We don't store credit card info and we will never ever ever ever sell your personal info!
Who is CincyTicket and why do you exist?
CincyTicket was created in 2006 by concert promoters to localize event ticket sales and to keep service fees low for the customer! It has since expanded beyond just the website, and we now provide complete online and box office solutions for just about any type of business that needs ticketing.
Can you print tickets for my event?
Yes. We print professional barcoded thermal tickets starting at just 10 cents each, with no minimum order. Order online HERE or CONTACT US for a quote on large projects.
Can I sell tickets to my event on your website?
Absolutely! Fill out the form HERE to get started right away. Also, check out our SOLUTIONS page.

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